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How to build Raspberry Pi NAS Server using Samba
Here we will be creating another server using Raspberry Pi- File Server or NAS (Network Attached Storage), where you can plug any storage device with Raspberry Pi and access it using any computer connected on the same network. Using NAS, you can share and access the files and folders without actually connecting the storage device to your system.

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DIY Raspberry Pi Gaming Console using RetroPie
Raspberry Pi is an amazing credit-card sized computer most suited for IoT based applications and online servers like Print server, webserver, Media server. Many types of custom ROMs and custom operating systems are available for Raspberry Pi and you just need to burn the custom ROM on SD card and insert it in Raspberry Pi. Like Windows 10 and Android can be easily installed on Raspberry Pi.

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Wireless RF Communication between Arduino and Raspberry Pi using nRF24L01 Module
Here we will use nRF24L01 – 2.4GHz RF Transceiver module with Arduino UNO and Raspberry Pi to establish a wireless communication between them. The Raspberry pi will act as a transmitter and Arduino Uno will listen to Raspberry Pi and print the message sent by Raspberry Pi using nRF24L01 on a 16×2 LCD. 

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How to Setup Spotify Connect on the Raspberry Pi: undefined

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Turn Your Raspberry Pi into a Bluetooth Beacon and Broadcast an URL using Eddystone BLE Beacon: undefined

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How to install WhatsApp on Raspberry Pi to Send and Receive Messages

There is a Python library to access all capabilities of an official WhatsApp on Raspberry pi – Yowsup. It enables you to use your WhatsApp account to exchange messages without the original app with your contacts. This library allows the user to create a full-fledged custom WhatsApp client on Raspberry Pi.

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Raspberry Pi Bluetooth Speaker: Play Audio wirelessly using Raspberry Pi

In this post we will build Raspberry Pi based Bluetooth Speaker by fusing the power of A2DP, Linux and audio codec to stream the data packets from an audio source to an audio sink wirelessly. To do so we are going to hack a little bit of Linux system and write a piece of code in bash and python and we will be in business.

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How to install Node-RED on Raspberry Pi to Control an LED: