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Build your own Adjustable Electronic DC Load using Arduino

If you have ever worked with Batteries, SMPS circuits or other Power supply circuits, then often it would have occurred that you have to test your power source by loading it to check how it performs under different loading conditions. A device that is commonly used to perform this type of test is called a Constant Current DC Load, which allows us to adjust the output current of your power source and then keeps it constant until it is adjusted again changes. In this tutorial, we will learn how to build our very own Adjustable Electronic Load using Arduino, which can take a maximum input voltage of 24V and drain current as high as 5A. For this project, we have used PCB boards which are manufactured by AllPCB, a china based professional PCB manufacturing and assembling service provider.

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12V 1A SMPS Power Supply Circuit Design

In this tutorial we will cover how to build a 12v SMPS circuit that would convert AC mains power to 12V DC with a maximum current rating of 1.25A. This circuit can be used to power small loads or even be adapted into a charger to charge you lead-acid and lithium batteries.

Find here the DIY article:

DIY Arduino Power Supply Shield with 3.3v, 5v and 12v Output Options:

DIY Location Tracker using GSM SIM800 and Arduino
With driver-less cars carrying passengers and Trucks carrying valuable cargo, it brings in the need for a Fleet Management system in which we need to track them to know their location and ensure if they are at the right place at the right time. Generally a GPS Module is used for any sort of location tracking but here in this tutorial we will use GSM SIM800 module to build a simple Location tracking system with Arduino. This GPRS tracking system compromises the GSM modem and the microcontroller (Arduino) and is fabricated on a PCB from PCBGOGO. It works in such a way that when a phone call is made to the GSM module, the module will check the location and sends it back as a text message with Google map link to the number from which the phone call is made. This link when opened on phone will pin the location of modem on Google Maps. Sounds Interesting enough!!? 

Check out the complete project:

Google Assistant Based Voice Controlled Home Automation using DIY Arduino Wi-Fi Shield

Check out the complete project to make a DIY Arduino WiFi Shield and then create .a Google Assistant based home automation project using the shield:

Here are some glamour shots from the PhotoSynTheremin kit. This board was really inspiring to shoot and I have _a ton_ more photos. In case you missed the video👉

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⚡NEW VIDEO 🔊 Playing with the PhotoSynTheremin Kit by Citrus Circuits 🍊⚡
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7.4V Two Step Lithium Battery Charger Circuit – CC and CV mode

The advancement in Electric Vehicles, Drone and other mobile electronics like IoT Devices seems to be promising for the future. One common thing among all these is that they are all powered by batteries. Following Moore’s law the electronic devices tend to become smaller and more potable, these portable devices should have their own source of power to operate. The most common battery choice for portable electronics today is Lithium Ion or Lithium Polymer Batteries. While these Batteries have a very good charge density they are chemically unstable under harsh conditions hence care should be taken while charging them and using them.

Read the complete article with all the needed files:

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I dropped a new video last night 🎄 I Made an Ornament PCB! 👩‍🏭 [ link in bio or right here👉

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