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William Droomgoole had a handful of single-board computers on display, showing off how much more spartan interfaces were for simple CPU demonstrations.  These machines aren’t really intended to do the same kind of hard work that your average home computer would be handling.  Rather, they’re for teaching folks the fundamentals of CPUs up close and personal with the address and data bus.  Seen here are:

MOS KIM-1 – the first 6502 based machine, intended as a demonstrator of the CPU’s capabilities to jump start the market for the then-new 6502

Ohio Scientific 300 – a very simplified 6502 trainer without amenities such as ROMs.  Okay, it does have a ROM, but it’s complicated and not really the same kind you might be accustomed to.

COSMAC VIP – the 1802 machine I posted earlier, but this time with the case on it and some add-ons

Heathkit ET-3400 – a 6800 trainer computer, complete with breadboard

809 Trainer – an much more modern 8085 unit from 1990, rather than the 1970s like the other ones shown here.

Let’s look back a moment to 2015, specifically this message left in the tags:

#hey spinner – the ohio scientific looks like exactly what ive had in mind

Funny, isn’t it?  This was probably that early moment where the Cactus’s idea starts to form.