fuzzkaizer: Sonic Crayon FX – Hollow Earth Wav…


Sonic Crayon FX – Hollow Earth Waveshaper

prototype, prototype mockup, V3

“Waveshaping? “design” your own LFO and then use that as a trem? Yeah, that. But a bit more!

down the “record” pushbutton, “draw” out an LFO/envilope shape with the
“shape” knob (it can be several seconds long), and release the button
for it to start looping the shape and modulate the volume of whatever
instrument you have plugged through it. AKA “tremolo”. Push button again
to design a new one. [U]Or[/U]! Or toggle “punch-in” switch to edit the
existing shape with whatever you feel! “smotheness” knob makes it
smooth if the waveshape sampling feels a bit too steppy/aliased. It
happens if you sample at a very slow tempo and keep it very slow.
“speed” accelerates or decelerates the LFO. I forget what “volume” does.

LEDs on either side of the bypass switch (under the decals/finish). The
one on the right follows your wave “drawing” as well as when it’s
looping. “firmware upgradeable"“ (… 2009)

s. also Lightning Wave – E.V.A. C.V. generator

cred: soniccrayonfx.com, reverb.com/sonic crayon