Click here to donate to Ellie’s medical expens…

Click here to donate to Ellie’s medical expenses:




My girlfriend Ellie suffers from her endometriosis. Currently, we are both broke and uninsured. It is extremely necessary for Ellie to have regular doctors visits, take medication, and even sometimes have surgery. Of course, surgical procedures like laparoscopy or a full on hysterectomy are out of the question at the moment, financially speaking, but she really needs to get into her other appointments, and fill her prescriptions. I love her so much, but my resources are limited and there’s only so much I can do to take care of her. Anything helps. If you can’t help with any donations currently, that’s fine too, but please share this if you can so that others who are in a position to help can help. It seriously means the world to us both.

Please help!

hey fam, please take a moment to consider donating to this lovely lady’s kickstarter for her medical costs associated with endometriosis. it’s a shame that in this country we have to fundraise for things like basic medical care, but it is our current reality. women’s health especially is often overlooked, underfunded and overall ignored. so please I ask you to take a moment if you have the means and donate and if you don’t at least please spread the word so that we can crowd fund this young woman’s healthcare.