duckgwr: The IBM PC Convertible expansion sli…


The IBM PC Convertible expansion slices I bought off of eBay for about $25 shipped arrived today. Included was a PC Convertible Printer, a CRT display slice, and two serial/parallel slices. I really like the design of the Convertible – it was designed by Richard Sapper, who also worked on later ThinkPads and I think some of the PS/2 monitors and PS/1 cases. This was IBM’s first computer to come factory fitted with 3.5 floppy drives, and you can see an early use of the blue eject buttons later used in the PS/2 line.

You can see how much length they add to the “laptop” – what you can’t see is they add about 8 pounds of weight, bringing the total above 20 pounds for a portable computer.

Just about the only peripherals I don’t have now are the two specific Convertible monitors and the internal modem… and some things like the car charger and cable for if you don’t want to connect the printer directly behind but rather elsewhere on a desk. It’s also 128k short of a full 640k.

The CRT slice can use many PCjr accessories, including the PCjr monitor itself, the PCjr adaptor cable for the 5153 and other standard 9 pin CGA monitors, and the PCjr RF modulator. The LCD – this one is the original of three versions, the next being a SuperTwist LCD and the last having a backlight – can be removed when using it on a desktop with external monitor.

I haven’t fired it up with the new expansions yet, but might hook it up to a PCjr monitor later.